Wolf Totem/Le Dernier Loup, Jean-Jacques Annaud

The background to Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Wolf Totem could be a film in and of itself. Formerly banned from China for Seven Years in Tibet, Annaud was approached by Chinese directors to adapt Jiang Rong’s best-selling semi-autobiography for cinema, given his expertise with animals in The Bear and Two Brothers. Thirty socialised Mongolian wolves later, and … Continue reading Wolf Totem/Le Dernier Loup, Jean-Jacques Annaud

Wolf Totem, by Jiang Rong

When student Chen Zhen is sent to “educate the nomads” in Inner Mongolia during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, he discovers more about the balance of nature and spirituality than he bargained for. According to wise old Bilgee, wolves stop grazers destroying the plains, send humans to heaven via “sky burial”, and provide food with their … Continue reading Wolf Totem, by Jiang Rong