church with golden ball on top in Wycombe

Memoirs of a High School Fugitive

Most teenagers loathe high school, but I was more pro-active in expressing my disdain. One day, I simply walked out the door. Well, it was more complicated than that. The place I walked out of wasn't the school itself but a halfway-house "school room" at a hospital. And I didn't walk away from a lesson, merely the threat of one, … Continue reading Memoirs of a High School Fugitive


Making Up With Italy – Part Four

Unlike Turin, Milan was the underdog. I'd been forewarned about the not-so-pretty industrial-city, so when I suddenly wandered into the shadow of a beautiful, looming gothic ivory cage known as the duomo, more of my reservations about Italy grudgingly and respectfully bowed out. Most of the exterior was cross-hatched with scaffolding, but inside the grand, impossibly tall arches, reverent … Continue reading Making Up With Italy – Part Four